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virtual const void* gr::XftGrFont::getTable ( fontTableId32  tableID,
size_t *  pcbSize 
) [virtual]

Returns a pointer to the start of a table in the font. The ftblid32 type is a 32-bit unsigned integer. If the Font class cannot easily determine the length of the table, it may set 0 as the length (while returning a non-NULL pointer to the table). This means that certain kinds of error checking cannot be done by the Graphite engine. Throws an exception if there is some other error in reading the table, or if the table asked for is not one of the expected ones (cmap, head, name, Sile, Silf, Feat, Gloc, Glat). [If we want to be able to read “non-standard” tables, then the caller needs to be responsible for freeing the memory.]

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