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gr::FreetypeFont Class Reference

#include <FreetypeFont.h>

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Detailed Description

An implementation of the Graphite gr::Font class using Freetype to retrieve font information.

Definition at line 39 of file FreetypeFont.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual float ascent ()
virtual bool bold ()
virtual Font * copyThis ()
virtual float descent ()
 FreetypeFont (const FreetypeFont &font)
 FreetypeFont (FT_Face ftFace, int dpiX=72, int dpiY=72, FT_Int32 load_flags=FT_LOAD_DEFAULT)
virtual unsigned int getDPIx ()
virtual unsigned int getDPIy ()
virtual void getFontMetrics (float *pAscent=NULL, float *pDescent=NULL, float *pEmSquare=NULL)
virtual void getGlyphMetrics (gid16 glyphID, gr::Rect &boundingBox, gr::Point &advances)
virtual void getGlyphPoint (gid16 gid, unsigned int pointNum, gr::Point &xyReturn)
virtual const void * getTable (fontTableId32 tableID, size_t *pcbSize)
virtual float height ()
virtual bool italic ()
virtual bool setBold (bool fbold)
virtual bool setItalic (bool fitalic)
virtual ~FreetypeFont ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool FontHasGraphiteTables (FT_Face face)

Protected Member Functions

FT_Face getFace ()
FT_Int32 glyphLoadFlags () const throw ()
void setDPIx (unsigned int dpi)
void setDPIy (unsigned int dpi)
FT_Face setFace (FT_Face)
void setGlyphLoadFlags (FT_Int32 load_flags) throw ()
virtual void UniqueCacheInfo (std::wstring &, bool &, bool &)

Private Types

typedef std::map< gid16,
std::pair< gr::Rect, gr::Point > > 
typedef std::map
< fontTableId32, std::pair
< FT_Byte *, size_t > > 

Private Member Functions

 FreetypeFont ()

Private Attributes

float m_ascent
unsigned long m_clrBack
unsigned long m_clrFore
float m_descent
unsigned int m_dpiX
unsigned int m_dpiY
float m_emSquare
std::wstring m_faceName
bool m_fBold
bool m_fItalic
FT_Int32 m_ft_load_flags
FT_Face m_ftFace
GlyphMetricMap m_glyphMetrics
float m_pixHeight
TableMap m_tables

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